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DYMAT® was founded in 2012 by Edward R. Fyfe, the inventor of the disc bearing and innovator of fiber-reinforced polymers with more than 40 patents in the composite strengthening field, to enhance the characteristics of materials and products through resilience, performance and sustainability. DYMAT® is a research and development company, focused on bringing innovation to infrastructure. 

DYMAT® Inc. has conducted an extensive R&D program and has developed a new product - DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM - the Fire Protection System (FPS) (*). DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM FPS is a composite product of several materials, taken from varies industries, optimized to achieve superior fire protection with long-term durability performance in harsh environments. Developed to withstand wind, rain, sleet, snow, and cyclic temperatures and still perform in a fire, the FIREWRAPTM Fire Protection System, while originally developed for the bridge industry, has wide applications where fire protection is needed and required to perform in aggressive environments.
At DYMAT® we devote to the development of science and thrive to embed this passion for technological advancement within the core culture of our company. DYMAT® is the culmination of many companies and a vast network of experience aimed at one goal: to develop dynamic materials and products to enhance structural performance.

For applications in refineries and other structures, the DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM Fire Protection System (FPS) is used as a fire retardant and heat insulation.

  • ­­­­Protects against flame
  • Low heat transfer
  • ­­­­Corrosion protection

The system is very durable. It comprises reliable solid sheets for excellent long-term performance as opposed to intumescent paint or spray-applied gypsum and other materials which may deteriorate with time and extended weather exposure. The system is engineered to resist flame and heat transfer, acting as a fire-resistant insulator all in one application, saving time and resources when compared to traditional insulation methods.

(*) The DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM Fire Protection System (FPS), is patent issued in the USA and many other countries. 

At DYMAT® we make a difference, creating worth and value for shareholders, employees, suppliers, architects, engineers and contractors we work with, but also for the public and private owners that depend on the highest level of perfection by use of DYMAT® products. We recognize that the trust we all have in safe travel is often placed on the shoulders of DYMAT® through appropriate and precise design and manufacture of load bearing products.

Our primary mission is to meet and exceed this level of trust and do so in timely, profitable, long-term trust building relationships with our vendors and clients

DYMAT® strives to be the first choice supplier of DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM Fire Protection System (FPS), disc bearings, structural bearings and simple base isolation systems. DYMAT®'s vision is encompassed in our beliefs, which are our statement of values.

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Owner Satisfaction
  • Continual Improvement

Key people:

Jeff Gugenheim, President Bus. Dev.

Email: ed@dymatinc.com
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1 858 353 2458

Dimitris Koutsoukos, CEO

Email: dimitris@dymat.eu


Steve Fitz, Business Manager in Reno

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Tom Trainor, Canada Manager

Email: dymatcanada@gmail.com