Dual Seismic Isolation (DuSI) System

DYMAT® takes a different approach and separates the energy dissipation from the system’s restoring mechanism, allocating the two functions to different devices. Thus, the DYMAT® Dual Seismic Isolation (DuSI) System greatly reduces the manufacturing costs of the isolators and simplifies the construction installation. By lowering the total cost of seismic isolation, the feasibility of the use of this technology is greatly improved for future projects.

The DYMAT® Dual Seismic Isolation (DuSI) System is a seismic isolation system that utilizes DYMAT® Performance Slider (PS) Bearings in combination with the new DYMAT® CFR Bearings (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Bearings) . The DYMAT® PS Bearings provide the energy dissipation while the DYMAT® CFR Bearings provide the restoring force to the structure.  

The structural engineer can easily tailor the system to the desired performance by either changing the ratio of DYMAT® PS Bearings to DYMAT® CFR Bearings or increasing/decreasing the bearing area of the DYMAT® PS Bearings. 

The Figure 3 graph (in the top left slider) is from a case study of a large seismic isolation project in South America. It prompltly shows the versatility of the DYMAT® DuSI System in achieving the desired period and energy dissipation characteristics of the seismic isolation system. 


  • DYMAT® designs and manufactures nearly every type of “traditional” passive seismic protection devices, i.e., all types of elastomeric bearings, shear keys, lead-rubber bearings, and flat & curved sliders.
  • DYMAT® devices have been used in numerous infrastructure and building projects throughout the World.


  • Simple and low cost to manufacture
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Can be designed for a predominant (first mode) period of up to 5 seconds
  • Can accommodate lower base shears than traditional systems
  • Tailors easily to design parameters
  • Provides pseudo yielding effect if the Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE) is exceeded
  • No obligation design recommendations available
  • Accommodates global structural twisting
  • Can withstand significant differential loading between isolators


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Research and Testing

Large-scale testing has been also completed with DYMAT's Dual Seismic Isolation (DuSI) System.