DYMAT® Dymaline™ Pipe Lining System

Repair Pipe Lining

Concrete Pipe Systems around the World begin to deteriorate as time passes. These pipes can now be relined in place by retrofitting with the Dymaline™ system.The DYMAT® Dymaline™ Pipe Lining System is installed without workers having to go into the pipe in working conditions that are difficult and inherently unsafe. The System is especially useful for small-diameter pipes that workers are unable to access.

DYMAT®’s Dymaline™ method uses a bladder to inflate a fabric tube inside the pipe to create a liner, without workers going inside the pipe. The fabric is very tightly woven and formed into a tube, then saturated with resin and inserted into the pipe. The bladder is then inflated, the resin cures, the bladder is removed  and the system installation is complete. 

The Application Method

The Dymaline™ method of repairing a pipe uses a self-inflating fabric tube to create a liner inside the pipe. Especially tightly woven fabric is formed into a tube, saturated with resin, and inserted into the pipe. The tube is first inflated with air from a pressure source. It adheres to the interior pipe wall, and the resin cures. The bladder ends are then removed. The process is repeated until all damaged parts of the pipe are lined. The cured liner not only fills cracks and spalled areas, but also resists further damage from impacts and abrasion.


  • Used for round pipes of any diameter. Especially good for small-diameter pipes
  • Easy to install without workers going into the pipe.
  • Repairs damage and reinforces at the same time.
  • Able to form a fully structural pipe-in-pipe.
  • Uses tested fabrics and resins.
  • A test report on a scaled pipe is available on request.

Testing - Composite Test

  • Tested on a PVC pipe.
  • Special Dymaline glass fabric12 oz/sq. Yd. tight +/- 90 tight weave
  • Information is available on request.
  • The resin is Dymat D epoxy developed especially for the process.


DYMAT® Dymaline™ Pipe Lining Systemm 

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Research and Testing

Information available on request.