Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite System

The DYMAT® BT FRP System is a state-of-the-art Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite System comprising of specialized synthetic fabrics and resins. These materials are combined together to create unique tested & proven products of highest quality for the most difficult structural rehabilitation and strengthening projects.

DYMAT’s tailored made glass and carbon fiber fabrics are saturated with environmentally friendly resins to tackle any difficult application; underwater, high-temperature or blast resistance projects requirements are easily met and are backed by DYMAT’s Gold Warranty Program (GWP).

The DYMAT® BT FRP System (*) is used routinely for corrosion protection, pipe rehabilitation, seismic strengthening, structural upgrades, fire protection, and blast mitigation for private and government sensitive structures. It is engineered and installed in all kinds of structures in land, near water or even underwater in the most adverse environments and under the most difficult design requirements.

Our trained engineers can provide you with the in-depth engineering support and free of charge preliminary designs to clients, engineers, contractors, state agencies and private owners alike.





Typical dry Fiber properties

CHARACTERISTIC DYMAT® Carbon Fiber System   DHC-190 DYMAT® Glass Fiber System   DHE-272
Tensile Strength 700.0 ksi  /  4.83GPa 540.4 ksi   /   3.73 GPa    
Tensile Modulus 40.6 Mpsi  /  280.0 GPa 12.1 Mpsi   /   83.3 GPa
Ultimate Elongation 1.65 % 4.5 %
Density 1.01 oz/in3   /  1.74 g/cm3 1.47 oz/in3   /   2.55 g/cm3
Weight 19.0 oz/yd2  /  644 g/m2 27.2 oz/yd2   /   922 gr/m2
Fiber Thickness 0.0146 in   /   0.37 mm 0.0142 in   /   0.36 mm

Typical Uses:

  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Walls
  • Other areas
  • Fluid tanks
  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Silos
  • Wood Structures
  • Brick Structures

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Brochure & Evaluation Report

You can Download the DYMAT® BT FRP System Brochure

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You can Download the DYMAT® Evaluation Report

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The DYMAT® BT FRP System forms the next generation of composite systems developed by Mr. Edward Fyfe for the structural strengthening industry. Mr. Fyfe was the founder and pioneer in this field of this industry more than 30 years ago, having developed numerous relevant patents and having successfully completed thousands of structural strengthening projects throughout the world. 

The improvement percentages in the composite laminate properties of the DYMAT® BT FRP System relatively to the next leading system are: 35% for DYMAT® Carbon Fiber System and 15% for DYMAT® Glass Fiber System.



DCB       +/- 45 degree fabric
DGB       Glass fabric for blast applications



DEWC     Carbon fabric for 0/90 degree pplication
DCBC      Carbon +/- 45 degree fabric
DCV        Carbon Veil fabric



DWS-1       Underwater Application Epoxy used as a primer and finish coat in water contact. Can be applied under water where applicable
DWS-1S     Resin to Saturate fabrics for under water applications
DCHR        Final coat of high chemical resistant material
DUT           Single component acrylic material
DCT-1        Used for installation of carbon strips
DCT           Tack coat used prior to application of fabric overhead or lower  portions of horizontal surfaces. Excellent adhesion properties.
DMS           Colorless water resistant sealer
DCW          Low-temperature resin
DSW          Thickener for the Dymat®R resin
DWS          Underwater Patching material
DCT           Underwater tack coat
DWPC       Special resin with high Tg of 220 degrees F
DCH          High clear resin
DA             Accelerator
DBM3        Resin for bonding to steel



Composite Laminate properties

The DYMAT® BT FRP System uses superior materials, unique construction design and advanced manufacturing processes. The test values of the DYMAT® BT FRP System, using DYMAT® R Epoxy Resin, are as follow:


CHARACTERISTIC DYMAT® Carbon Fiber System   DHC-190 DYMAT® Glass Fiber System   DHE-272
Tensile Strength
Test Value / Design Value
269.5   /  229.1 ksi
1,858   /   1,580 MPa
95.3    /    76.7 ksi
661    /    529 MPa  
Elongation at break
Test Value / Design Value
1.28   /  1.09 % 2.2   /   1.8 %
Tensile Modulus
Test Value / Design Value
20.5 / 17.4 Mpsi
141.4 / 120.2 GPa
4.35 / 3.48 Mpsi
30.0 / 24.0 GPa
Nominal Laminate 
0.0362 in
0.92 mm
0.0512 in
1.30 mm
Research and Testing

The DYMAT® BT FRP System has been rigorously tested at private and university laboratories - both on its individual components and as a completed assembly.  

Please request test reports at ed@dymatinc.com