Europe & Africa

DYMAT® EUROPE is the offspring of DYMAT® USA responsible for the European and African Territories. The two companies have been developed on the same concept of the original successful pair concept of FYFE USA and FYFE EUROPE, the companies that introduced the composite materials in the repair, rehabilitation and strengthening sectors of civil engineering structures.

DYMAT® ’s advanced research during the last few years resulted in the 2nd generation of composites covering more efficiently the needs of architects and structural engineers worldwide and dealing in a very cost-effective manner with the more difficult issues of applied composites such as fire, blast and explosives.

The founding father of the FYFE and DYMAT® companies is Edward R. Fyfe, a gifted chemical engineer and a charismatic leader who is recognized around the world as the pioneer of the fiber reinforced polymer structural strengthening industry and he possesses over 40 patents in the field. Ed Fyfe, an entrepreneur and innovator since his early twenties, has made waves in the worlds of business and technology for decades. His imaginative approach to science and his solid devotion to his organization's success have shaped truly unique companies and state-of-the-art products.

In 1987, Ed invented and started to develop the concept of wrapping or strengthening concrete and other structures using high strength fiber. In 1988, Ed started the Fyfe Group with the idea to strengthen deficient bridge columns in California using this high strength fiber, Fibrwrap®. It was not long before Ed Fyfe's concept was making major waves within the industry. The patented Fyfe Technology has made a great contribution to the retrofitting of structures. In the same year, Ed has met Dr. Dimitris Koutsoukos, at that time a structural engineering graduate student at the University of Washington, who embraced Ed’s work ever since and has helped him to develop, diffuse and expand the Composites-in-Civil-Engineering (CCE) concept throughout the world.

In 2016, Ed and Dimitris have moved on with the creation of the pair of DYMAT® companies, in the USA and Europe, in order to develop the 2nd Generation of Composites (2GC), under the code name DYMAT® BT. In both companies, Ed holds the President’s position while Dimitris is the Chief Executive Officer. DYMAT® USA and DYMAT® Europe work in two main directions: (a) the research and development of advanced CCE systems, and (b) the growth of a network of companies, trained and certified under the stringiest conditions based on the companies’ demanding Training & Certification Manual (TCM). The DYMAT Certified Applicators (DCAs) install the designed CCEs in any type of structure and under any conditions. Materials and workmanship are covered with the DYMAT® GOLD GUARANTEE, a 30-year long guarantee recognizing that the installed DYMAT® BT Composites will be free of defects and will function according to the specifications and design requirements.