President & Founder

Edward Fyfe is recognized around the world as the pioneer of the fiber reinforced polymer structural strengthening industry and he possesses over 40 patents in the field. He has worked with Corporations in the USA and internationally. 

An entrepreneur and innovator since his early twenties, Edward Robert Fyfe has made waves in the worlds of business and technology for decades. His imaginative approach to science and his solid devotion to his organization's success have shaped a truly unique company.
In 1968, after obtaining a degree in engineering from the University of British Columbia, Ed opened his first company, Elastometal Limited. Elastometal Limited was based upon Ed's own invention, the Fyfe Disc Bearing, a new concept in bridge bearings for the long span bridges introduced in the late sixties.

Although Ed's company started in 1968 with the bearing program, a major change of focus occurred in the late eighties. In 1987, Ed invented and started to develop the concept of wrapping or strengthening concrete and other structures using high strength fiber. In 1988, Ed started the Fyfe Group with the idea to strengthen deficient bridge columns in California using this high strength fiber, Fibrwrap®. It was not long before Ed Fyfe's concept was making major waves within the industry. The patented Fyfe Technology has made a great contribution to the retrofitting of structures. 

Since the beginning of his career, Ed has diligently made an effort to give back to society. He is a sponsor of the Del Mar Foundation and regularly donates to the poor in Egypt, a country close to his family's heart. He’s also a benefactor for many schools in Haiti and Ethiopia, were in recognition of his extraordinary contribution, a school was named after him. Ed's enthusiasm for learning has lead him to sponsor multiple students in their quest for education. He also actively works with and funds inspiring entrepreneurs.

Ed's dedication to innovation, ability to go above and beyond the typical business model, and passion for continued growth were contributing factors to him being named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® 2011 San Diego Award Winner.

Ed's first Research for pipe application was in 1998 with a co-operative program at Arizona Power Nuclear facility 30 miles West of Phoenix, Arizona. Testing on full scale 67-inch diameter pipe both for dig up and outside Carbon Fiber Wrap and innovatively Wrap from the inside. Both programs were successful. The testing lead to 3 section of pipe under the railway on the section outside the plant, then 20 sections of pipe inside the plant (67 inch to 120 inch). This is the retrofit of PCCP (prestressed cylindrical concrete pipe) pipe. This project lead to many other carbon Fiber Reinforced pip projects.

In 2008, projects on the steel pipe in Hong Kong were started. These projects used glass fiber with similar installation technics. Access was from the pipe end sections.

  • Reinforcement system for increased lateral stability of wall
  • Apparatus for Creating Electricity from Pressure Fluctuations in Pipes
  • Expandable liner for the protection and strengthening of existing pipes
  • Reinforcement system for increased lateral stability of flood wall
  • System and method of reinforcing shaped columns
  • Reinforcement system for increased lateral stability of flood wall
  • System and method for increasing the shear strength of a framed structure
  • System and method of reinforcing shaped columns
  • System and method for increasing the shear strength of a structure
  • System for reinforcing structure using site-customized materials
  • Connector for reinforcing the attachment among structural components
  • System and method for reinforcing structures
  • Connector for reinforcing the attachment among structural components
  • Fire protection coating for FRP-reinforced structure
  • Blast resistant prefabricated wall units
  • Method for repairing metal structure
  • Method for repairing steel-reinforced concrete structure
  • Repair jacket for pilings and method
  • Anchor and method for reinforcing a structure
  • Coating and method for strengthening a structure

A few projects of many...

  • Miami Dade - August, 2011
  • SDCWA - Pipelines 3 & 4 - Sept 2011
  • MWD - Allen McColloch Pipeline - January, 2012
  • MWD - Sepulveda Feeder - February, 2012
  • WSSC 60in - July, 2012
  • OCSD J1128 - October, 2012
  • Louisville Water - January, 2013
  • Clark County Water District CCWD - April 2013
  • WSSC 96" Potomac- May, 2013
  • Miami Dade 48" - July, 2013
  • Mississippi River Power Corporation - July, 2013
  • Dallas Water Utilities District 36" - July 2013
  • D C Water - September, 2013
  • Dallas Water Utilities - District 84" - October, 2013
  • WSSC 66" - December, 2013
  • WSSC 48" - December, 2013
  • Austin 54" - February, 2014